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beginning RoR 1

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Okay. First I went through the first 3 chapters here @ http://ruby.railstutorial.org/chapters

Get all set up:

  1. Install Git
  2. Install Ruby
  3. Install RubyGems
  4. Install Rails

No surprises there (I’m on a mac) all the install details worked like a charm.

I’m really incredibly pleased with the quality of this book.  I’ll end up buying a copy, just to support.

I love a good technical book or good documentation.  I can tolerate (actually, enjoy) reading straight thru. Being blessed with this learning style is probably why I have found it possible to be self taught.

The only part of the installs I had to do a bit of troubleshooting for was installing Ruby Version Manager (RVM). I needed to pay attention to the part of the install where they say ” Do NOT ‘return’ from inside the .bashrc file or else RVM will be prevented from working properly”  All that to say, check the troubleshooting section if you’re having trouble. ; )

Work your way through the first three chapters of the tutorial and you have 3 apps deployed on Heroku, with beautiful poetic names:

tws-macbook-pro:~ tw$ heroku list

Ruby Skillz Interlude: http://tryruby.org    Slick little tutorial!
* i found that the Popup.make method wasn’t working on chrome

In an effort not to get too bored with all this scintillating syntax magggick, after running thru tryruby.org, I’m going to jump over to http://railsforzombies.org/

Okay, that was more fun than I am comfortable admitting.


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